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January 2023


Well Repair Setback

Last month we reported that repairs to the well were underway. Unfortunately, there has been a major setback. When the team arrived on site, they determined that the previous contractor had cut corners and the inside diameter of the well pipe was undersized for the required pump. We have accepted their recommendation to drill a new larger diameter bore hole.

December 2022

Well Repairs Underway

The original design of the solar electric system to power the well was inadequate. Work is now in progress to implement modifications so that a diesel-powered generators using scarce and expensive fuel will not be required.

May 2022

Examination Clinic Plan & Budget Developed

A four phase plan has been developed for construction of the Examination Clinic. The first phase will house medical equipment provided by MedShare several years ago which has been in storage. Funding the physical structure is a major priority.

Clinic phase 1.png

April 2021 

Well Project Fundraising  Complete

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had some minor setbacks in our fundraising efforts. However, we are happy to announce that thanks to the generosity of many faithful donors, we were still able to collect enough funds to meet our goal for the well. All the materials for the well project were purchased and well construction began last December.


Drilling efforts were proceeding smoothly, but unfortunately before the workers attained the required depth of 200 meters (just over 600 feet), the drilling equipment failed at a depth of 173 meters. New equipment has been procured by the drilling contractor and drilling should resume shortly.

Solar Repair Project Complete

Shortly after the Maternity Clinic was dedicated in 2019, the solar panels on the building were struck by lightning which destroyed the complete solar electric system: panels, inverter, and batteries. At that time we decided to delay the repairs until funding for the well was complete. Fortunately, we not only reached our goal for the well, we exceeded it and were able to issue an order for the necessary repairs. The lights are now back on in the Maternity Clinic!

Delivery of the water storage tanks to support the construction of the Well.

The newly renovated batteries to the solar panels that provide the Maternity Clinic with electricity.

Yassa Maternity Clinic Feburary 2021

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